Piano Works for Us

A 400 standing, victorian listed, warehouse ‘wows’ with its late night musical concept. In the heart of Farringdon, Piano Works, is an underground hidden gem. The experience commences when entering the venue, down the stairs and through the double-doors, transporting guests into a raw space with exposed brickwork and central pillars dressed with a mixture of candles, bar top lamps and colourful spotlights. The instruments are immediately noticed; taking centre stage surrounded by visitors sat at high bar stools, creating an intimate informal atmosphere. Throughout the night, two pianos, drums and accompanying vocalists allow the audience to be the DJ, with musicians performing any tuneful song that our heart desires- and we get to sing along!IMG_1719Handfuls of napkin requests later, the Story girls exhausted the performers with the likes of cheesy pop, old-school classics and of course, Disney! Every song was performed passionately and the crowd sang their hearts out (us maybe more so than others), creating a delightful need to indulge in cocktails and delicious grub.


The bar offers a selection of beverages and an extensive cocktail menu to tickle anyone’s taste buds! We took a particular shine to the Pornstar Martinis, a personal favourite of ours, along with Espresso Martinis (to keep us going!) and of course bubbles were generously enjoyed. Also, as you all know by now, we love our food, and Piano Works has a menu not to miss; sliders, soft shell crab rolls and copious amounts of paprika seasoned chips filled our tummies.

Of course we had something to celebrate, being one of our lovely colleagues last day at work before she popped off to get hitched! The venue kindly surprised her with a fantastic, sparkler filled, personalised and truly enormous Piano shaped cake! A fanfare of musical celebration was danced around our centre table to the classic ‘I’m getting married in the morning!” and the whole venue rejoiced together.


For a karaoke and cocktail enthusiastic team, we think that Piano Works is the picture-perfect setting for any celebration and guaranteed to provide an evening of jam-packed entertainment- we’ll be back soon!



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